Furnace Prices

Gas furnace prices vary enormously depending on the type of system you are looking for. There are a number of different types of gas furnace which offer different features. As gas boilers become more efficient the temperature of their flue gases is cooler. In any boiler which burns fossil fuels such as gas, heat is produced by the combustion of fuel in the combustion chamber. This heat then heats the air in the ductwork which goes onto heat your home.

Propane gas furnace prices vary depending on the manufacturer and retailer. Some deals may include a service plan and parts warranty so it is worth finding out exactly what you are getting for your investment. Propane gas is a more expensive way to heat your home than natural gas because it is more expensive to refine than natural gas. However, propane is more efficient than natural gas and provides over twice the heat of natural gas per cubic foot. Both types of gas however, provide similar heat and you really will not notice the difference when you heat your home with either. In terms of the environment, both propane and natural gas furnaces will burn more cleanly than either coal or gas.

The other consideration to be aware of in terms of the price of your gas furnace is size. The bigger the gas furnace the more costly it is likely to be.

Higher quality brands of furnace can cost considerably more than lower range models. However, there are also differences in manufacture and also warranties.

The more comfort features you have in your new gas furnace, such as, two stage burners, variable speed blowers, the more they add to the price of the furnace. Some manufacturers offer incentives to buy their products in terms of warranties and rebates.

There are several climate comfort features which may be added to the gas furnace:

  • Whole house duct or by pass humidifiers
  • Whole house air cleaners (non-electronic)
  • Electronic air purifier systems
  • Programmable digital thermostats
  • Internet and network monitoring systems
  • Smoke alarms and monitoring

Wholesale natural gas furnace prices vary depending on size, efficiency, manufacturer, range and type.

A basic furnace without installation may cost you in the region of $600-1,000 where the AFUE is 80%.

A mid-range furnace could cost you around $800 – $1,300 for AFUE of 80%.

Quality brand furnaces will set you back between $1,200 – $2,400 for a furnace with 80% AFUE efficiency.

For models with 90% AFUE efficiency natural gas furnace prices are as follows:

  • Value brand without features – $1,000 – $1,600
  • Average – $1,200 – $2,200
  • Quality – $2,300 – $4,000

The most important consideration is getting a boiler which is not only within your price bracket, but also one which suits your own particular requirements.

Gas Furnace PricesThe final cost consideration is the cost of parts for your furnace and the installation costs. Both these should be a factor in your choice of boiler as they will have a significant impact on the costs long-term. The market conditions of supply and demand will have an impact on the price you pay to the manufacturer. For example, if there is a high demand for your type of gas furnace this could actually make it cheaper.

Some gas furnace boilers have extra features such as hidden user controls and the ability to set a specific temperature with a central heating control which will drive the price up. Another consideration is boiler efficiency which will have an effect on the price. Obviously the greater the boiler efficiency, the more expensive the boiler will be. However you have to weigh-up the savings of the unit over its lifetime to determine whether or not the extra savings are justified by the price of the unit in the first place.

Home furnace prices vary depending on the make model and manufacturer. High efficiency gas furnace prices are obviously higher, but then, you get what you pay for in the long run. So choose wisely and weigh up the long term advantages, and disadvantages not to mention the running, installation and cost of parts, maintenance and repair should your boiler malfunction. Finally, ask yourself, do you really need all those features? They may be adding costs to your budget that are unnecessary. Don’t be seduced by promises of gadgets and features that are unnecessary. However, at the same time, do consider features that you feel would be appropriate for your requirements. The main question to ask is will this furnace heat or cool my home to its optimum level without costing my pocket, or indeed the earth!

Gas furnace pricing
Whichever furnace you decide upon, it should be the furnace which is appropriate for your needs and that of your family. Efficiency is a big consideration in times of energy uncertainty and recession. Make sure you do your research and read a variety of reviews from a variety of sources. This will help you make up your mind and will also educate you as to the features and furnaces which are available on the market. Lastly consider whether or not your gas installer may be able to get a better deal as a tradesperson than you may have access to.

The gas furnace ratings will be invaluable in helping you to decide the best system for your home. Gas furnace pricing varies considerably, so make sure that you check the gas furnace reviews before you finally make your decision. Buying a furnace is a daunting task; however, if you research the furnaces on the market and use comparisons to compare features, you will become familiar with the latest furnace prices. Gas furnace ratings are also an important consideration when deciding upon your gas furnace. Your new furnace price will depend on the type of features that you decide fulfils your requirements.