York Gas Furnace Prices

York gas furnace prices are some of the most competitive in the HVAC industry. York has over 130 years background history in developing high quality heating and cooling systems. Being a trusted manufacturer of gas furnaces York is known for creating high energy efficient products of good quality. As a nationally recognized and award-winning brand the company continues to produce and upgrade innovative heating and cooling systems. York offers 11 gas furnace models through 3 unit lines.

York Affinity Series
The York Affinity series gas furnace models are available with modulating burners and variable speed blowers. There are two models in the series at 98% and 80% efficiency. The ClimaTrak Comfort System helps match and balance indoor temperatures depending on climate conditions. Parts include a 10 year limited warranty including a lifetime heat exchanger. These models offer high quality comfort. Models and York furnace prices in this series at wholesale are:

  • York Affinity YP9C Furnace 98% estimated at $2,600.
  • York Affinity YPLC Furnace 80% estimated at $2,000.

York LX Series
The York LX series heat gas furnaces include 7 models. They offer high efficiency, modulating burners or variable speed blowers and 20 year heat exchanger limited warranty. There is also a 10 year warranty on parts. Some models offer single stage burners and 2-stage burners. Two models offer 96% efficiency, 3 models offer 80% efficiency and there are 97% and 95% efficiency models. York furnace price estimates for models in this series are between $2,000 and $3,000. York gas furnaces in this series include:

  • York LX series TM9M gas furnace at 97% efficiency.
  • York LX series TM9X gas furnace at 95% efficiency.
  • York LX series TM8V gas furnace at 80% efficiency.
  • York LX series TM9T gas furnace at 96% efficiency.

York Latitude Series
A York gas furnace in the Latitude series consists of 2 models. These furnaces help cut utility costs while being compact. They offer 10 year part warranty and a 20 year heat exchanger warranty. The models are considerable for consumers on a budget. York gas furnace prices for the Latitude line of units is estimated between $1,000 and $2,000. Specific models in this series include:

  • York Latitude TG9S gas furnace 95% efficiency.
  • York Latitude TG8S gas furnace 80% efficiency.

York gas furnace models offer extended warranties as long as consumers register their products online with the manufacture within 90 days of purchase. If you don’t register within 90 days you’ll only qualify for a 5 year warranty on your York gas furnace unit.

Prices for units vary depending on installation fees and which unit you choose for your home. While it may be helpful to review unit details online, it helps to obtain a quote from a local authorized dealer. Keep in mind warranty information may vary if you purchase your unit from an online retailer or auction site. Ask local dealers for suggestions on the best gas furnace unit for your home. Research product reviews to get an idea of performance and quality experienced by other consumers, as well as reasonable York furnace prices quoted by your local furnace dealer.

Take time to review details of the unit you are considering for your home. The manufacture website features additional details about each model to help you make an informed decision. You can also compare different models and review energy efficiency levels. Some York gas furnaces may perform better depending on your climate and home conditions.