Miller Gas Furnaces

Miller gas furnace prices are affordable for those looking to save on heating solutions for small areas such as a mobile home. The furnace manufacturer has produced effective heating solutions for over 90 years. Their products offer innovative technology advancements while meeting necessary standards. Miller is also known for certification in Demand Flow Technology and is the only manufacturer to have this status. Miller furnace prices come with heating solutions that accommodate different residential environments. The manufacturer is known for making 2 particular models of gas furnace, which are the Atmospheric and Forced Draft furnace systems.

Miller gas furnaces offer dual shut-off for safety. Fans offer continuous air circulation with comfortable settings during winter and summer seasons. These models also have add-on split air conditioner and heat pump capabilities. Testing completed with the models ensure they meet federal efficiency standards. Miller hot air furnace prices may help save on installation costs since most units come with a easy hook.

The Miller Atmospheric gas furnace models offer easy light pilot and standing pilot units. They offer easy accessibility and serviceability with innovative flame patterns that help extend the life of the heat changer. The heat exchanger can be removed without taking the furnace out of the closet. Gas and temperature is easy to measure and heat-only units feature ventilation switch door. Units also offer easy maintenance. Miller furnaces in the Atmospheric series include:

  • Miller M1GB-056AAW Btu/56,000 at 75% AFUE
  • Miller M1GB-090AAW Btu/ 90,000 at 75% AFUE
  • Miller M1GB-090ABW Btu/ 72,000 at 75% AFUE

Some forced air gas furnaces offer similar features as the Miller Atmospheric series. Miller’s Forced Draft models for instance operate quietly, offer easy access and serviceability and have heat exchangers that are easy to remove. Some of the Miller Forced Draft units provide timed blower operations. Maintenance includes cleaning or replacing a one-piece air filter. Miller furnaces available in the Forced Draft series include:

  • Miller M1MA-090AAW Btu/ 90.000 at 80% AFUE
  • Miller M1MB-070AAW Btu/57,000 at 80% AFUE
  • Miller M1MC-077ABW Btu/77,000 at 80% AFUE

Atmospheric gas furnaces and Forced Draft gas furnaces are available in different Btu ranges including 56,000 to 90,000 Btu for heating, 56,000 to 90,000 Btu with coil cabinet and A/C ready for units up to 3 tons, and 56,000 to 90,000 Btu with A/C ready for up to 4 tons. Other Miller furnace models include:

  • M7 gas furnace at 95% AFUE, M4 gas furnace at 92% AFUE, M1 gas furnace at 80% AFUE, and CMF2 gas furnace at 78% AFUE

Miller gas furnace prices on average range from $1,000 to $3,000. Installation costs may also affect the total cost of the unit. Miller furnace parts may also range near or below the cost of the unit. If you need to purchase replacement parts you need to be sure you purchase each part for the unit if more than one is required. Otherwise, this could result in the unit working inefficiently. If you are looking for miller furnace prices to purchase a new unit make sure it is the correct size for your home. A unit that is too small may not heat or cool space properly, and may result in your money being wasted. Also make sure to follow maintenance instructions carefully to help lengthen the life of your unit.