Payne Furnace Prices

During harsh winter conditions, you can always rely on Payne furnaces. Their energy efficiency and reliability are backed by an excellent warranty system. AFUE ratings compare well with others on the market.

Payne boilers are of either gas or oil type. They come with a 10 year warranty on parts as standard and range in AFUE from 90-95%.

If you choose a Payne central air conditioner and evaporator coil suitable for your property, you can also be certain of soothing cooling during the heat of summer as well. The Payne systems are a total solution to your heating and cooling requirements. A Payne furnace costs in the range of $1,500 and $4,000. Payne will provide comfort throughout the year for an affordable new furnace price.

Payne offer 4 different energy efficiency ratings – 95, 92, 90 and 80%. As you would expect, furnaces with higher energy efficiency generally also come with a greater price tag and more features that make up the boiler system.

95% AFUE Two Stage (PG95XAT)
This boiler offers additional added Comfort with Two-Stage Heat. It has the highest efficiency rating of 95.5% and the boiler has one of the quietest operations reducing drafts throughout your home.

The air conditioning system has a very efficient electric motor and operates smoothly and quietly. Payne furnaces also feature an enhanced blower motor. The stainless steel secondary heat exchanger allows greater heat transfer and as such is more energy efficient in its use of fuel. A secondary heat exchanger makes additional heat energy available to your home. An enhanced blower motor enhances the overall comfort in your home. Payne gas boilers have additional heat efficiency because of their secondary heat exchanger which enables greater humidity control.

There are four different 80% AFUE gas furnaces in the Payne range. All units have a very efficient EMC motor which gives greater humidity control and fan speed. A four pass heater exchange with a multispeed fan helps the unit to be more energy efficient generally. A four-pass heater exchange also contributes to this system’s energy efficiency. Other features include quiet operation, electronic control board, with a scratch resistant corrosion resistant finish.

Payne’s boilers are energy starred and the PG9M 90% AFUE furnace also has a four pass heat exchanger like the 80% model mentioned previously. The model includes an anti-corrosive cabinet, an efficient and effective control system which provides accurate furnace control, as well as a slow-opening gas valve to quietly start the heating cycle. Easy maintenance and quiet operation are additional benefits of this unit.

Dirty filters can cause inefficiency in your boiler leading to greater fuel use, os it is vital that the filters are checked and replaced on a regular basis.

Payne furnaces have a install now, pay later scheme operating which makes owning one more affordable. They also offer a 20 year labor warranty on all their boilers in addition to their 10 year parts warranty. No matter which model you choose, you can expect comfort and savings to continue for years because Payne products are designed, built, and tested for long lasting operation.