Ducane Furnace Prices

Ducane gas furnace prices are affordable and competitive in comparison with other gas furnaces. As an established manufacturer, Ducane has been providing home heating solutions for over sixty years. Their furnaces are now also offered by a reputable manufacturer and furnace company. Over the years, Ducane has become recognized for its reliability and quality among home consumers. Ducane gas furnaces are known for their high energy efficiency, affordability and unique features that enhance their overall performance.

Some distinct features include heavy gauge pre-painted steel material, lubricated fan motors and filter driers, all of which are installed at the point of manufacture. The furnaces are available in different sizes ranging from 1.5 to 5 tons. Ducane furnace prices may vary depending on their size and the need of the household but an average estimate may range from $3,000 to $5,000 per unit. Remember, installation costs are not included in the wholesale price of the unit.

While Ducane is known for making heating and cooling systems they offer a smaller variety compared to their competitors. The selection is simple for consumers to review which includes several units with an Energy Star rating. The company is focused on providing quality products which is why their product line is limited. However, Ducane gas furnaces offer both warmth and comfort at an affordable price. There are Ducane furnace models with different levels of efficiency and affordability.

Some Ducane gas furnaces are 92% efficient while other less expensive models operate at 80% efficiency. These models offer heating operations as a single-stage setting. Horizontal installation is available for the 80% model. Ducane also offers better furnaces that are part of a separate series that includes 2 Energy Star qualifying models at 95% and 80% efficiency. The 80% model is known for helping homes maintain lower energy bills and consumes less electricity with its high-efficiency blower motor.

Some of the best Ducane furnaces include the 2-stage collection and both the 95% and 80% efficiency models which are Energy Star compliant. These models are made to help your home achieve a good level of comfort with improved circulation. They are also a good option for those on a budget, although pricing may also be affected by the climate conditions in your area.

There are several reviews and feedback from consumers who use Ducane furnaces. Some are pleased with the product while others wonder if they could have found something better. Ducane has more variety in their furnace offerings with specific pricing differing by model. Nonetheless, many consumers have shown preference for the Ducane gas furnace and felt that the costs associated with the boiler furnace prices they paid were fairly reasonable. It is important to take time to find a reputable and professional installer for the unit. This will ensure that the furnace is installed correctly and performs properly.

While trying to find the right Ducane gas furnace for your home you should also consider making inquiries with different professional installers to fit the unit in your home if one has not already been recommended by the authorized dealer you used to purchase the furnace. When choosing the right unit for your home, consider the environment of your home and the climate you live in. You can buy a wide variety of Ducane furnaces online but make sure you review the warranty information carefully prior to purchasing.

You should try to buy a furnace in your area as you could end up getting a better deal if you purchase locally. Review different models and their features to understand how they will perform in your home. Taking time to find out customer feedback and ratings about a particular unit can also help you get a good idea of how well that unit has performed in other locations.