Rheem Gas Furnace Prices

Rheem gas furnace prices are reasonable and affordable. Compared to other gas furnace manufacturers Rheem has some of the cheapest gas furnace models in the industry. A family-owned business, Rheem Manufacturing Company started producing products during the 1920’s. During the 1950’s the company began manufacturing heating and cooling products. Over the years the company has become a respected manufacture in developing quality products for residential purposes. The company offers products around the world and is considered one of the leading global producers of heating and cooling products.

Rheem gas furnace selection includes over 10 models part of 3 product lines: the Prestige series, the Classic series and the Value series. Some run on natural gas while others use propane. The Rheem gas furnace units that form part of each series include innovative features, long lasting performances and reasonable warranties. Consumers can enjoy comfort with a wide range of features depending on the unit of their choice. The following details give a brief overview of furnace options available:

Rheem Prestige Series
The Rheem Prestige series includes their most expensive models that offer single, 2-stage heating and variable speed blowers. While models included in the series offer efficient performance, the 2-stage models seem to run more quietly than the single stage models. Models offers humidity and temperature controls. Efficiency levels include 96% and 80%. A Rheem gas furnace in this series has an estimated cost between $1,800 and $2,800. Rheem furnaces in this series includes:

  • Rheem Prestige Contour Comfort Model RGFD12ERCMS Btu/120,000 93% AFUE
  • Rheem Prestige Contour Comfort Model RGFD10EZCMS Btu/105,000 92% AFUE
  • Rheem Prestige Contour Comfort Model RGFD09EZCMS Btu/90,000 94% AFUE
  • Rheem Prestige Criterion II Model RGPN15EARJR Btu/ 150,000 80% AFUE
  • Rheem Prestige Criterion II Model RGPN05EAUER Btu/50,000 80% AFUE

Rheem Classic Series
The Rheem Classic series features a diverse collection of units that include 2 stage models with variable blowers. This option allows consumers to maintain balanced temperatures throughout their living space. Popular models in this series offer energy efficiency between 80 and 95%. They are considerable options for consumers in moderate climate areas. Estimated cost of models in this series is between $1,000 and 2,000. The following models are included in the previously mentioned Rheem furnace price range:

  • Rheem Classic 90 Plus Model RGTA12ERAJS Btu/120,000 92% AFUE
  • Rheem Classic 90 Plus Model RGTA09EZAJS Btu/90,000 92% AFUE
  • Rheem Classic 90 Plus Model RGRA09EZAJS Btu/ 90,000 93% AFUE
  • Rheem Classic 90 Plus Model RGRA06EMAES Btu/60,000 92% AFUE

Rheem Value Series
The Rheem Value series offers efficiency and performance at affordable prices. Rheem furnace prices for this series consist of single stage models with standard efficiency and direct spark ignition. The estimated cost for these Rheem furnaces is between $900 and $1,300. Rheem furnaces included in this series are:

  • Rheem Value Model RGLS Btu/100,000 80% AFUE
  • Rheem Value Model RGRS Btu/90,000 93% AFUE

The Rheem Classic series also features a selection of quiet series models with up flow/horizontal airflow. Rheem gas furnace prices for these models offer comfortable temperatures with a quiet motor. The Rheem Criterion II models may help consumers save money on natural gas and electricity. These models help conserve energy with integrated controls when the climate changes while maintaining full capacity. Most Rheem furnaces offer a 20 year heat exchanger warranty, a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 5 year warranty on parts.