Trane Furnace Prices

As one of the most highly regarded furnaces on the market, the Trane gas furnace represents excellent value, performance and durability.

Trane’s formidable energy savings mean that it is a very worthwhile investment which is realised immediately in the energy cost savings which can be achieved. Ranked in the market’s top five, the Trane two stage XV95 is one of the most efficient gas furnaces available. If reducing your energy costs is top of your list, then Trane represents value for money and long lasting durability with minimum service costs.

Some HVAC even offer a servicing and installation estimation system which will provide you with quotations from local HVAC certified boiler service companies in your area. Whilst there is no obligation to use these companies, it does make life simpler to know that each of the companies has been personally screened and recommended by HVAC giving you peace of mind.

Customer satisfaction for Trane is high, in part due to the flexibility which is offered by the 2-stage gas valve which can run at approximately 60% most of the time. This adaptability provides a comfortable steady heat, which can then be boosted by opening the gas valve fully when required. Variable fan speeds enable customized indoor climate control whatever the weather. In addition to heating Trane provides air conditioning and also improved air quality and humidity control.

Some of the features of the Trane gas furnace include:

  • A more efficient quieter 2- stage heating system which provides greater comfort than single stage heating. (Requires 2-stage thermostat for full benefit of 2-stage burner)
  • An energy star which means that the furnace maybe eligible for tax credits and/or rebates from utility companies.
  • Variable fan speeds which produce balanced cooling and heating throughout the home.
  • The Comfort-R mode means the fan will run consistently which allows for greater humidity control and more even performance.
  • More precise burning and firing as a result of silicon nitride igniter and in shot burners.
  • A corrosion resistant aluminized heat exchanger which ensures greater longevity.
  • A secondary heat exchanger which captures additional heat, allowing the system to be vented through the wall reducing installation costs.
  • A state of the art air purification system which eliminates more allergens and pollutants than regular filters.
  • Up-flow/horizontal and down-flow/horizontal models offered.
  • Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger; 10-year limited warranty on all other parts.

True to Trane’s comprehensive quality assurance system, all components are rigorously tested for quality and durability. All in all, the Trane gas furnace is a workhorse which is bound to prove attractive in energy conscious times. Representing unique value for money Trane is most definitely a quality furnace for those who have energy savings, best value and durability in mind. With some units coming in under $3,000, Trane gas furnace prices have been set at a competitive level which will no doubt prove attractive to consumers who are searching for comfort, flexibility and long term value for money. If indoor comfort in all seasons and value for money are top of your list, then a Trane gas furnace should be too.

Listed below are recent Trane gas furnace prices:

60,000 Btu / 2 ton Trane Two-Stage XV95 gas furnace: $2,460
80,000 Btu / 3 ton Trane Two-Stage XV95 gas furnace: $2,499
100,000 Trane Two-Stage XV95 gas furnace: $2,719