Lennox Furnace Prices

One of the most important factors of a heating system is its efficiency and the Lennox gas furnace certainly delivers energy efficiency. In uncertain energy times, knowing that your heating system is making optimum use of your fuel is an important consideration when researching your boiler system. It feels comforting to know that not only will your home/office be warm and cozy, but also that you’ll be saving money at the same time!

Many of the Lennox furnace systems achieve at least 80% fuel efficiency and many are also energy starred, attracting utility company discounts and government grants as compared to less efficient and older models.

Lennox furnaces also boast one of the quietest and most precise systems, an accolade which the Lennox does not take lightly. You can alter your climate by as little as 1% to create the perfect combination of heat and humidity. Supplying furnaces for over 100 years, Dave Lennox gas furnace systems have the benefit of a century’s worth of research and development which stands them in excellent stead to provide a furnace which satisfies customer needs.

Second only to the signature edition, the Lennox Elite series is equipped with features such as a variable speed blower that delivers excellent performance. While its warranty is not as good as top of the range models, it has a good track record and will provide service for 12-15 plus years.

Lennox Elite Series G61 Gas Furnace Price
Features of the Lennox elite include:

  • 95% AFUE (Energy Star rated).
  • Reliable performance due to its 2-stage gas valve.
  • Variable-speed blower produces a more consistent temperature along with effective humidity and air quality control.
  • Patented Durolak Plus primary heat exchanger has an outstanding service record.
  • Secondary heat exchanger also increases efficiency, something which is essential when heating your home.
  • Lennox Elite has a dual fuel option allowing it to be used in a split system with a heat pump for heating options.
  • Constant low-flow fan mode enhances ventilation and air quality within your home.
  • Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger itself with a 5-year limited warranty on all other parts.
  • Further enhanced warranty is available at additional cost.

Lennox Elite burners come in at modest prices for the features that they pack:

60,000 Btu Lennox Elite Series G61 gas furnace: $1,375
80,000 Btu Lennox Elite Series G61 gas furnace: $1,525
100,000 Btu Lennox Elite Series G61 gas furnace: $1,750

The Lennox Elite Series G61 gas furnace represents good value as it provides excellent energy efficiency with the ability to reduce heating costs in most homes. This is a good choice for homeowners in moderate to cold climates who want reliability and affordability in their gas furnace. For those who want the versatility of a hybrid split system for heating, the Lennox elite series provides an attractive solution.

If you decide upon a Dave Lennox Signature Collection furnace, they range in price from $1,339 to $1,899.

70,000 Btu Dave Lennox Signature Collection SL280V Variable Speed gas furnace: $1,339
90,000 Btu Dave Lennox Signature Collection SL280V Variable Speed gas furnace: $1,559
135,000 Btu Dave Lennox Signature Collection SL280V Variable Speed gas furnace: $1,899

Whatever Lennox series boiler you decide upon, it’s clear that quality, sturdy design and comfort throughout your home no matter the weather will be delivered at a price which represents good value for money.