Carrier Infinity 96 Gas Furnace

The Carrier Infinity 96 gas furnace price should be compared to other models for a number of reasons. There are Infinity 96 units that offer different Btu ranges meaning they heat and cool the home at different capacities. Offered through the manufacturer Carrier, these models are made from high quality materials. The furnaces come with special technology advancements that allow homeowners to maintain an internal temperature that is comfortable throughout the year. Understanding factors that contribute to varying costs may help in choosing the right unit for your home.

The cost of Carrier Infinity 96 gas furnaces models depend on their capacity. The following averages help give an idea of what to expect:

  • Average cost for Infinity 96 furnace at 40,000 Btu: $1,800.
  • Average cost for Infinity 96 furnace at 88,000 Btu: $2,600.
  • Average cost for Infinity 96 furnace at 120,000 Bt: $2,800.

Note: other factors such as AFUE may also contribute to average unit cost. For this model the high efficiency is 96.6%. The Carrier Infinity 96 gas furnace is Energy Star compliant and may qualify for tax credits offered by the federal government. The system offers 2-stage heating optimization with variable speed blowers. The blowers help maintain temperature throughout the home. Systems may include 2 heat exchangers to catch more heat while helping to reduce overall energy costs.

If you consider installation fees part of unit costs you could pay several thousand dollars more. The cost depends on the unit you purchase and climate conditions in your area. Units offer warranty details including a lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10 year warranty on parts. While there are a variety of gas furnaces available through Carrier, it is important to keep the needs of your home in mind when considering a unit.

Each unit may perform for your home differently than another. This is why it is often recommended to compare models and their features. Homeowners are often looking for ways to save money and figure the cheapest model is the way to go. If specifications of the model don’t seem compatible or realistic to the needs of your home you may need to reconsider your option. Choosing the wrong system could lead to poor performance and higher energy costs.

Most consumers look to purchase their unit locally through an authorized dealer. This allows you to review unit specifications with a professional and obtain a quote for cost and installation. Some consumers have noted they purchased their unit online. If the wholesaler is an authorized dealer or someone recognized by Carrier, this could be a safe option. It is often advised to purchase your unit locally since warranty information could be different if you purchase your unit online. Yet, online sites may offer a faster way for you to obtain a quote from more than one installer.

The Carrier Infinity 96 gas furnace price compared to other 96% efficient models may be considered expensive. However, along with the Carrier Infinity 96 price tag comes a range of unique features that other models on the market do not offer. Carrier has a long established record of providing quality products with many consumers pleased with their furnace products.