Armstrong Furnace Prices

Armstrong gas furnace prices are often compared to other top manufacturers because they are part of a wide range of heating and cooling systems which the company has been providing for close to a century. Armstrong has established a positive reputation in providing quality products in the HVAC industry. They manufacture affordable heating and cooling systems such as small units for residential use. While it is known for servicing mainly North America, Armstrong is also associated with another major furnace manufacturer who acts as its subsidiary. The most popular products Armstrong manufacture include the Ultra, Premium and Standard Home Comfort furnaces.

Armstrong 2 single-stage models are included in the Premium Home Comfort series. One furnace is 95% while the other is 80%. These furnaces feature a 10-year warranty along with a separate lifetime heat exchanger warranty. One model part of the series qualifies as energy efficient with the appropriate Energy Star rating, while the other model does not qualify. The Armstrong Standard Home Comfort furnace series features 5 single-stage models with 3 qualifying as energy efficient with Energy Star. Furnaces in this range are said to be more affordable than most other models Armstrong offers. With that said, the price range of an Armstrong furnace is usually somewhere between $2,000 and $4,000.

Some Armstrong gas furnaces in this series are 95% energy efficient with one at 93% and another at 80%. The Ultra Home Comfort furnace series features 3 models. The first is a 96% efficient modulating gas furnace, the second has 85% efficiency and the third is an 80% efficient 2-stage furnace. Most Armstrong furnaces in the series are Energy Star qualified while some offer indoor climate control. Customers who live in warmer climates may benefit from the 80% model.

When it comes to Armstrong gas furnace pricing, you may need to get a quote to get a better understanding of what you’ll be paying. It’s been mentioned that the Armstrong furnace price may vary for certain models depending on the home in which the unit would be used. Another issue that may affect total cost includes performance and efficiency of the model. Yet, you may still be able to get an idea of how much the different models cost since Armstrong offers competitive rates against their counterparts. The company also offers financing options for those who qualify through an authorized independent dealer. You may also get an idea of what to expect based on reviews and feedback shared by customers. While there are many satisfied customers who shared their experience, there are a number of consumers who were not pleased for different reasons. A common issue found was the use of non-certified contractors who had installed the unit incorrectly.

Purchasing an Armstrong unit includes buying from a local authorized dealer. The company states they don’t offer their furnaces through unauthorized distributors for safety reasons. If you purchase a unit through an unauthorized dealer the warranty for that furnace may not be valid. So if you intend to purchase a unit from an auction or resale site use caution. For installation, you’ll want to be sure the contractor is certified and qualified to complete the task.

The installation procedure is part of meeting government regulations for safety; the contractor chosen to install the unit should have proper training and experience. One reason why some consumers claimed to be unhappy with their furnace is because they didn’t select the correct size furnace unit, so this is important when searching for Armstrong furnace prices. If you don’t have the right size unit for your home, it will affect the performance of your gas furnace, reduce comfort levels in the home and even increase safety risks.

While having an Armstrong gas furnace that is made with quality, durable materials will help prolong the life of the boiler, it is important to review warranty information provided by your local dealer carefully. Warranty information varies from one model to the next and you may need to register with Armstrong directly to get full warranty protection.