Forced Air Furnace Prices

Forced air gas furnace prices are competitive for several reasons. Many top companies that manufacture hot air heating units offer this type of system and it is one of the most popular designs utilized by homeowners. The central heating and air system may include different concepts such as an oil furnace, electric furnace or gas furnace. It is designed to blow forced hot air throughout the living space. Technology advancements allow the forced air to be distributed evenly along with specifications that vary depending on the system model.

Forced air furnace prices vary because of factors including installation, size and efficiency. Installation costs vary because each system model is different. It may depend on installation processes of the contractor and if the system includes a cooling system or air conditioner. For installation costs you could pay close to 2 times the cost of the system unit.

Efficiency is often an important factor in choosing a quality gas furnace or heating system. Homeowners often seek high efficiency gas furnace prices because these systems offer substantial energy saving benefits. The installation process may not be as expensive since a chimney is not needed for vent combustion. The unit models are available with single and 2 stage operation features. An average estimated cost of a 2 stage furnace system that has a 70,000 Btu is $1,800. An average cost for a system unit with 115,000 Btu is $2,100. Each average mentioned would be for an efficiency unit at 70%.

Yet, a system unit that runs at 95% with 70,000 Btu may have an estimated cost of $1,500. A system having the same energy efficiency with 100,000 Btu could be estimated at $1,800. Size is another factor that affects overall cost. Smaller units tend to be cheaper but in some cases, you’ll need to look at the heating needs of your home. A smaller unit may be ideal for smaller living setting such as a mobile home or a house with 2 floors. The size is measured in British thermal units (Btu). This gives an idea of area force circulation but within the size of the home. Choosing the right system may include having a professional come and measure areas of the home so the unit can provide efficient heating. The average Btu range is between 70,000 and 100,000.

There are several factors to consider that may help in choosing the right forced air gas furnace and to ensure it works properly. When hiring a contractor make sure they are properly licensed and bonded. HVAC contractors are subject to comply with rules and regulations to ensure heating and cooling systems work safely. There are checklists available online that can help you find the right person for the job. There are also details you can review that let you know if your unit was installed properly. Checking over the process may help you save on costs and warranty of forced air furnaces should maintenance issues arise.

Keep in mind there could be additional costs to remove an existing unit. Units that cost more may have additional energy saving or energy performance features such as durable heat exchangers, electronic components and fans. Depending on local and state government regulations some models may qualify for energy rebates.