Carrier Infinity ICS Modulating Gas Furnace

The Carrier Infinity ICS modulating gas furnace price could vary depending on the dealer you purchase the unit from. Installation costs may also affect how much you pay for the unit. The Carrier Infinity ICS is considered one of the highest quality modulating gas furnaces available. With technology advancements that offer efficient heating with affordable costs, it is often considered a common heating solution option for homeowners.

The Infinity ICS modulating gas furnace offers high energy efficiency, durability and quiet operation features. Special technology allows the unit to balance air temperature throughout the home during seasonal changes. The unit offers up to 95% AFUE with limited warranty details including 10 years on parts and a limited warranty on heat exchanger. While being Energy Star compliant it helps homeowners save on energy costs. It is supported with special temperature control technology that includes communicating with an inside computer that tells the system how much energy to use and when to change the temperature.

The capacity is 60,000 to 120,000 Btu and features a variable speed motor. Fuel for unit is natural gas but it has capabilities to convert gas to liquid propane. The model is a multistage 4 way system and it is made of durable aluminized and galvanized steel. Other features the model offers include a touchscreen display that is easy to read and operate, comfort heat technology that helps maintain air temperature in the home and humidity controls that help make conditions in the home comfortable between season changes.

On average an Infinity modulating gas furnace unit may cost roughly $3,250. While this may seem expensive it helps to review performance aspects that contribute to the average price. The system is considered one of the best in the industry compared to similar systems of its competitors. While there are 3 Infinity models the modulating system is considered the most expensive. Other home furnace prices you may need to consider in the future include prices for replacement products depending on the unit you choose.

Other factors to consider in the total cost of your unit include installation. Make sure you have a qualified contractor to install the unit. Since the unit offers advanced features it could affect installation time and costs for additional parts if any are needed for installation. Check with your authorized dealer for recommendations if they don’t provide an installer. While the Carrier Infinity ICS offers useful technologies that helps heat and cool your home, you’ll want to review aspects and factors about the system to ensure you understand how it works.

As you search for the right Carrier Infinity ICS modulating gas furnace price, you should also learn where you can buy parts for your unit since Carrier authorized dealers may offer a limited selection. Understand what the warranty covers for your unit. Read reviews from customers about the unit. This may give an idea of what to expect if you decide to buy it. Review options for troubleshooting and product registration. Registering your unit upon purchase is important to ensure you gain full warranty coverage. If you are not sure the unit meets the needs of your home have a professional assess where you live. This should give an idea of how well the unit will provide heating and cooling throughout the home and if the unit would be best for your home.