Carrier Infinity 80 Gas Furnace

The Carrier Infinity 80 gas furnace price reflects its high performance and quality in providing excellent heat and comfort in the home. This remains the same even though the Infinity 80 could be considered more expensive compared to similar models. Manufactured by Carrier, the Infinity 80 gas furnace is a high quality heating and cooling solution that offers two options. Prices vary for each unit since they offer indoor temperature options that vary in capacity. When comparing Infinity models with models made by other companies it helps to understand what features your home would benefit from.

Pricing for Carrier Infinity 80 gas furnace models vary with the following averages:

  • Infinity 80 Btu ranges from 80,000 to 110,000 estimated cost of $1,600.
  • Infinity 80 Btu ranges from 80,000 to 90,000 estimated cost of $1,400.

The average costs mentioned don’t include installation costs or sales tax. The typical fuel rating for the system is 80%. The system features special communication and comfort heat technology that help the system predict temperature changes. Humidity system features allow the unit to provide comfort temperature levels during climate changes. The unit also features unique features that let the system operate quietly and reduce noise production. The systems are made with high efficiency air filtration cabinets.

The Infinity 80 models offer unique heat exchanger systems and have the ability to convert natural gas to liquid propane. Warranty information is important for this model. You need to register your unit upon purchase with the manufacture to take advantage of extended warranty privileges. There is a 10 year limited warranty on parts. The heat exchanger has a 20 year limited warranty. The warranty can be reduced to 5 years if you fail to register the product within 90 days of purchase. The warranty details are an important factor to consider if you are concerned about possible future costs of parts. This may help save money if you need a new or replacement part for your unit.

Understanding how the Carrier Infinity 80 gas furnace works may take some research. Learn what customers say about the product through product reviews. This can give a general idea on how effective the product is. There are also forums that let consumers ask questions about their product and experience. Compare new furnace prices locally to have save; authorize dealers may help you choose the right unit for your home at an affordable price. If they don’t offer installation services they may refer you to a qualified contractor. You can also obtain quotes for installation costs to compare.

An experienced installer may help your system work to the best of its ability. They understand regulations and processes for safety regulations and they often have a good idea on which unit is best for your home. The Carrier brand is known for offering quality products with a variety of features. While many consumers seek more affordable options, products such as the Infinity 80 gas furnace may help save on energy costs in the future. The Carrier Infinity 80 gas furnace price is similarly to what you will find for other models made by its competitors. Yet, since it offers unique features the installation may cost more. The AFUE on a gas furnace unit is similar to what you would pay on fuel. For instance, the Infinity 80 offers 80% AFUE; it’s similar to saying 80 cents per dollar. This may help give another perspective on how you could save money on a higher cost unit.